Welcome to SouthSide Mixtape series

Welcome to SouthSide v1

1. Lloyd Banks- Jackpot

2. 50cent- Flag
3. Trav MBB ft Jim Jones- freestyle
4. Maybach Dice- Made
5. Nyemiah Supreme- I am that
6. Lexx9Eleven ft Fred da Godson- Cop killa Queens
7. Siah Barnes ft ikabot- Turn it up
8. Sko- Money, cars, clothes 
9. Reb Nock- Real N!gga talk
10. TL- Yellow diamonds freestyle
11. Korly Streetz- Cheers
12. GoonSquad- dying breed
13. M.O.N.E- Dope moves
14. Lloyd Banks- Wake up
15. Siah Barnes ft Young Ha- Mr. Nike
16. Ru Spits ft Chinx Drugz- Throw some cash 
17. Hot Peez & Cold Butta- Skunt
18. Flames, Bada Bing, Kodak Red- Like my swagg
19. One Shot- Moving on
20. Law Blilz ft Young Image (R.I.P)- Wish I could fly
21. Skit
22. Maybach Dice, Law Blilz, Finest- Blvd of broken dreams


Welcome to SouthSide v2 Pay Homage

1. Deezy, Frenchie, Ice Burgundy, Payso daMac, Young Pretty- Clique freestyle

2. Topadalyne ft. Chinx Drugz & Curtis Cash- Black Hoodie rap
3. Fabdon, Cash Profit- Snow Gang
4. Yung Joey- Dope Nigga
5. Maybach Dice- Made it
6. Bada Bing- Rewind pt.2
7. Nyemiah Supreme- Bitch you
8. Young Pretty ft. Young Bruno- Its the Syndrome
9. Topadalyne ft. Money Yukka, Young Bruno- Rising to the top
10. M.O.N.E- Nothing we cant do
11. Joe Money ft. Frenchie- No shirt tattoos
12. Lexx9Eleven- Hamma Dance freestyle
13. Reb Nock- Bow down
14. Korly Streetz- Rockin wit the best
15. Doc Holiday- Lay down
16. Sko- Wassup
17. J Stacks ft. Renegade Sage- Where the luv at
18. One Shot ft. Sdot- Fly new guy
19. Rico Danna- Around the way girl
20. Siah Barnes- See me
21. Mel Flames ft. Bada Bing- Man down
22. GoonSquad- SJQ

Welcome to SouthSide v3

1.   Queens Niggas- Lexx9Eleven, TL, OX, Joka

2.  I'll Ride- Maybach Dice

3.  Wake Up- Vic damone ft. Bucks
4.  I'm just sayin tho- Topadalyne, Tommy2face, Money Yukka
5.  Real Niggas- Wake flocka, Yung Joey, Fly-Ty & Fred da Godson
6.  Bloodsport- Frenchie ft. Styles P, Joffy
7.  Large on the street- SDot ft. Truly Divine
8.  We all litt- Curtis cash ft. Benji, Young Bruno.
9.  Prophecy- Siah Barnes (prod. L.Fever)
10. Nothing change- OneShot ft. Quan da don
11.  Love the Syndrome- Young Pretty
12. Where I'm from- Koonce (prod. By Dr Freak)
13. Square Nigga- Reb. Nock,Korley Streetz, Hostile, Danna
14. Where would I be- Trav MBB
15. Last Hope- Deezy
16. Burn it Down- Yung Suav
17. Golden Girl- Nyemiah Supreme
18. My Usual- OX & Lexx 9Eleven
19.  Retro's- Joe Money
20. Hyper-Cash Profit (prod. By Dirty Danny)
21. We about that life- Early, Shea Davis, Tru Life
22. Enemy- Nish, Sko, ScarFace Joey & ShoGunz

Welcome to SouthSide v3.5

1. M.O.N.E- Road to Victory

2. Young Pretty, Deezy- Madrome freestyle
3. Fabdon ft. Linkz- Dumout
4. Topadalyne- What I do
5. One Shot ft. Alejandro- when I wanna
6. Tony Yayo- Lean & Molly
7. SBOE ft Meek Mill- shit is litt
8. Frenchie ft Young Scooter- play no games
9. Korly Streetz- Hustle
10. Cash Profit- All I see
11. Fabdon- New Niggas
12. Koonce, Niddy, Loui V- Freestyle
13. Nyemiah Supreme- Honey bun
14. Ox, Lexx9Eleven ft Robbie Nova
15. SilverSpoon Brun- I use to know
16. Sdot ft Quan da Don- How many
17. Steezy ft Kyah Baby- Benzo
18. Early, Sko, Blickobama- Break down
19. Deezy- what you know about
20. Yung Suav- Freestyle
21. John Depp- To many
22. Curtis Cash- B.O.N.E
23. Bada Bing- Transformation
24. Maybach Dice- Freestyle
25. POET- Dear Diary

Welcome to SouthSide v4 cohosted by Young Pretty

1. Young Pretty Mascruu ENT intro

2. Fabdon ft. Young Pretty, Deezy- Real shit

3. Young Pretty ft. Silverspoon Brun, LL cool J- QGTM (remix)

4. Slowbucks ft. Juelz Santana- AWGIUS

5. M.O.N.E-when I'm gone

6. Loui V ft. Trav MBB- BROAD DAY

7. Deezy- the night

8. Landlord ft. Antwon LaCharm- You can get it

9. Nyemiah Supreme- AMBITION

10. Curtis Cash ft. Topadalyne, Precious Paris- couches (remix)

11. Fabdon- New York nigga

12. OneShot- its 1 shot

13. Korly Streetz, Steezy- Aye

14. Ali Vegas- thats where Im from

15. Topadalyne, Joka- Shooters

16. Linkz, Ammo illeon- murder case

17. Young Pretty- Hands down

18. Young Prince, Yung Suav- do this for real

19. Alejandro- So high so beneath

20. Bada Bing, POET- Jodeci freestyle

21. Joffy- God willing

22. Sdot, Sko, Live Balla- fuk wit my crew

23. Joe Money- try and get rich

24. Trigga Oc, Cash Profit- no witness

25. Koonce- Blood


Welcome to SouthSide V5 (WOTS) no tags

1. General Deezy- My Life Different

2. MONE - Rock N' Roll (Prod. Steflon Beats)
3. SBOE ft. Bucks, Bounce, Von - Hate me now
4. 50cent ft. Yo Gotti, Cash Profit - Dont Worry Bout It
5. Linkz Feat Loski - R.N.S ( RealNiggaSyndrome )
6. Young Pretty feat. Gillie Da Kid - (Prod. By Dj JayFive BMC Beats)
7. Precious Paris feat. Maino - Get use to it
8. Fabdon, Trigga Oc - Gimme Gimme Bands
9. Young Prince - Get Money (Prod. x LeeOnTheBeats)
10. Nyemiah Supreme feat. K. Camp - GroundWork
11. One Shot, S.Dot - Miss me
12. SilverSpoon Brun - Community Flow
13. Loui V - Luggage
14. Guap City ft. Sko, Bada Bing, Nish Porter - Get Bread
15. General Deezy - Always be a Gee
16. Topadalyne - Casualties Of War
17. RuSpits - Let Me Talk
18. SBR feat. Steezy, Korly Streetz, Reb Nock - Dat Lyfe
19. YP (TTW) - Club Music
20. Linkz, Greez - Only the real
21. SBOE ft. Bucks, Chinx Drugz, Young Dolph - Get Away

WOTS the Mixtape series COMING SOON!!!

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Welcome to SouthSide classics (soon to be rereleased)